Personal Development

CORE (Coordinated Opportunities Resulting in Excellence) is our marquee in-house leadership series providing the foundation for life-long leadership skills. CORE presentations, discussions, case studies, and events expose members to countless situations preparing them for their future after graduating from Kansas State University. Topics include cultural awareness, communication, teambuilding, time management, goal setting, civic discourse, inspirational leadership topics, and more.

Experienced House Mother
Ms. Ann Domsch, our housemother for over a decade now, in addition to her etiquette lessons and lifestyle example of leadership, also facilitates COREs sometimes.  Mom Ann brings more than 40 years experience in Kansas 4-H Youth Development, a Masters Degree in adult education (from Kansas State University of course!), and recognition from the international fraternity for her years of dedication.  She is also an avid K-State Sports fan, and has been a season ticket holder for quite sometime.

New Member Education
Integration into college life can be difficult, so we developed an internationally-recognized new member education supplement.  Throughout a new members journey, they will work together to complete four main tasks.  They will seek out an individual in the Manhattan community and serve them.  They will draft a proposal and cost analysis for a house improvement, and then execute their heavily reviewed plan.  They will let loose with a sneak and a prank (regulated by the Education Chairman of course).  Finally, they will learn about Kansas State University and its Greek System, the International Fraternity, and the Kansas State Chapter of Acacia.

On the cutting edge of K-State Acacia's development programs is Cornerstones.  Cornerstones takes the success of our new member plan, and extends it to the Junior year.  In order, topics covered include campus involvement, professional development, project management, delegation and teamwork, and life skills.

Scholastic Programs
Our elected scholarship chairman leads several programs to aid those wanting academic assistance.  If a brother falls below a 2.5 GPA, the scholarship chairman steps in, assesses the needs of the brother, and works with the brother to create a plan for improvement.  In addition, during finals week the scholarship chairman hosts a study party and works with New Members to make sure their first finals week goes well.

Individual Development Plan
Inspired by a Harvard study, the Individual Development Plan has a brother set semesterly goals for themselves in the areas of physical, mental, social, and spiritual development.  The brother then writes a mission statement that helps clarify their core values and expectations.