Housing Philosophy

The core goal of our housing philosophy is to provide a safe, comfortable, and studious environment, without requiring our members to pay anything extra for events.  In fact, it is possible to go an entire semester without spending a single cent more than rent and tuition in college!

Also, you have no need to worry about hidden fees or price increases.  We match our prices with the dorms, aside from a security deposit.  Moreover, your rate is locked in after your freshman year, and all fees are included in your rent.  In fact, your rent provides. . . .

  • 24/7 access to a fully stocked kitchen -- no need to go to an over-priced restaurant every weekend
  • Kitchen includes unlimited access to cereal, milk, burgers, fries, lunch meats, cookies, chips, pop tarts, waffles, chicken nuggets, breakfast burritos, and much more
  • A 5-day lunch plan through the Kansas State Student Union
  • Rent for 10 months
  • Fees to Acacia International
  • Fees to the Kansas State Office of Greek Affairs
  • Cable with more than 70 channels and 5 TVs
  • Blue Ray, DVD, and several game consoles
  • Intramural participation in any event
  • Greek philanthropic event participation
  • Social events (formals, dinners, functions, etc)
  • Brotherhood events (away game trips, house sneaks, etc)
  • Wireless, high speed internet in every room
  • Printer, paper, and ink
  • Laundry, including soap, softener, washing, and drying


  • Our in-house library is a 24-hour quiet area
  • Amongst the 23 fraternities at K-State, Acacia has finished in the top quartile 17 of the last 18 semesters
  • The elected scholarship chairman leads programs for those wanting extra help
  • Segregated sleeping rooms, study rooms, and recreational areas create a studious environment


  • Each member has 24/7 access to a fully stocked and open kitchen
  • Alcohol is prohibited
  • A professional chef provides meals Sunday through Thursday
  • Laundry is included, including washing, drying, soap, and softener
  • The house boasts a recreational room, basketball court, and library


  • Acacia dads integrate new members into the college experience
  • Housing and events are strictly alcohol-free
  • A strict anti-hazing policy is abided by