Why Join Acacia?

Acacia Fraternity at Kansas State University is an organization that provides a strictly non-hazing, alcohol-free living environment for college men. K-State Acacia offers programs and events with an intense focus on personal development, human service, and life-long friendships to ensure that members live by the Chapter Vision of "Together, Building Exceptional Lives".

Quick Facts

• 2014-2016 Superior Chapter Award Recipient – Second International Acacia Chapter

• 2012-2014 Malcom Award Recipient– Top International Acacia Chapter

• 2014 President’s Award for Fraternal Excellence

• Spring 2014 - 3rd in GPA with a cumulative 3.39

• Spring 2014 – 1st in community service hours

• Top quartile in grades of all Greek fraternities every semester since 2001

• Six Buildings on Kansas State campus named after notable Acacia Alumni

• One of the four founding fraternities on campus

• Kansas State Acacia Alumnus TCU Head football coach Gary Patterson

Human Service

"Human Service"
Spring 2014 Semester - #1 All Fraternity Community Service Hours

An Acacian's life is a commitment to support the community, university, and undergraduate chapter.  Through community service opportunities like Drive-By-Raking and Acacia Claus, members exemplify the Acacia Fraternity Motto of Human Service.  Although not mandatory, Acacia has established a culture of service. Each member is recommended to complete service to give back to the community in which we live.

Acacia Claus - Toy drive to benefit the local Salvation Army
Color Dash - Philanthropic 5k in partnership with local Boys and Girls Club


MLK Jr. Day of Service

Civic Leadership Weekend

And Much More!


Personal Development

Membership development begins with our chapter's internationally acclaimed new member program.  This program teaches new members to seek leadership and service opportunities independently, to learn about K-State's award winning Greek system, and to grow together as a new member class and fraternity.

At the forefront of K-State Acacia's personal development programs is our "Coordinated Opportunities Resulting in Excellence" program or "CORE" - our pioneering in-house leadership development series.  Through this program the chapter welcomes university officials, faculty members, community leaders and alumni to facilitate topics that help members gain knowledge beneficial to living a successful life.

In addition to "CORE", each semester, members create an Individual Development Plan which includes a personal mission statement and goals encompassing the four main areas of development: mental, social, physical, and spiritual.

Through all of these programs we feel that we successfully prepare our members for successful college years and for the rest of their lives.

Life-Long Brotherhood

Acacian's have a genuine enthusiasm for cultivating lifelong friendships through brotherhood events, social events, and mentoring opportunities.  Acacia offers a unique experience that can't be found in any classroom or lecture hall.  The solid foundation for Acacia's brotherhood is built from these experiences that last forever.