Alumni Recognition

The following awards are given by the alumni Board of Directors' Recognition Committee in an annual presentation at Acacia Leadership Weekend. 
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Vernon D. Foltz Award

Purpose: The Foltz Award will be awarded to Acacians who have made a unique or unusual effort to advance the Kansas State University Chapter of Acacia. 

Background Summary: Vernon D. Tiny Foltz served as the advisor for the Interfraternity Council at K-State for many years and also served as Acacia chapter advisor in the 1950s. As a powerful model of the original leadership principles of Acacia, Tiny maintained an active role with Acacia during many of the most successful years of the fraternity. In 1958, Dr. Foltz was honored with the International Fraternity Award of Merit for his service to Acacia. Foltz Plaza, east of campus, carries permanent recognition to his legacy at K-State.

Frank Carlson Award

Purpose: The Frank Carlson Award is given to non-Acacians whose personal or professional efforts have demonstrated the principles of Acacia or have been instrumental in advancing the vision of Acacia at K-State. 

Background Summary: Kansas Governor Frank Carlson was initiated as an honorary member of Acacia on Jan. 24, 1948. He served a long and admired public service career, exemplifying the community leadership called for in the laws of Acacia. He impressed many with his dignity and commitment to public service. While serving as governor, he stepped up as the chairman of the National Governors Conference. He represented Kansas in the United States Senate from 1950 to 1969. Carlson chose to not stand for reelection and retired as one of the most popular and successful political leaders in Kansas history.

N. D. Nat Harwood Award

Purpose: The N. D. Nat Harwood Award is presented on the basis of personal or professional achievements of brothers advancing the principles of Acacia through exemplary careers or human service. 

Background Summary: Dr. N. D. Nat Harwood, 17, dedicated himself to the values of Acacia and served as chapter advisor for many years in the 1940 and 50s. Dr. Harwood received the Acacia Award of Merit in 1958. He was recognized for his involvement in over 20 civic organizations included his service as mayor of Manhattan. Dr. Harwood was the one man most responsible for the new chapter house. He exemplified Human Service to society and Acacia. He was seen often at Acacia activities following his retirement.

Julius T. Willard Award

Purpose: The Julius T. Willard Award is presented to recognize generous support or efforts of brothers to advance the Acacia vision at K-State.

Background Summary: Dr. Willard, 13, was initiated as the first Acacian at Kansas State. During his long and distinguished career, he served as dean of applied sciences from 1909 to 1930. Willard served in nearly 20 positions and roles in the university, including acting president on two different occasions and vice-president from 1918 to 1935. In 1965, K-State named Willard Hall after him to recognize his contributions to K-State. 





2012 Vernon D. "Tiny" Foltz Award Recipient Fred Loseke









2012 N. D. "Nat" Harwood Award Recipient Thomas Lally


2012 Julius T. Willard Award Recipient Dave Woolfolk