Board of Directors

Unto to Whom Much is Bestowed 

The Board of Directors, comprised of approximately twenty alumni living across Kansas and the United States, establishes policies as needed to govern activities and operation of Acacia. Standing and special committees carry out assignments in order to facilitate achievement of Acacias mission.

Friends, Growth, Service

Acacia at K-State is all about life-long friendships, personal growth and human service. As a common denominator to all Acacia experiences, we seek to support college-aged men to develop in these areas and reap the benefits of a solid foundation to life. As the alumni organization, our support must be shown with rigor, relevance and relationships to the Men of Acacia. 

Alumni Responsibility 

The alumni Board of Directors drives an annual budget of more than $20,000 to directly influence more than 40 current Men of Acacia, oversee their Acacia experience and provide a safe, state-of-the-art living facility. We seek to connect you to the latest news with quality publications and website, reward academic excellence with scholarships to Men of Acacia, sponsor leadership events, draw alumni back to Manhattan with the Sam Unger Golf Classic during STAG Weekend. 

Paying your alumni dues will help us reach these goals. Your annual contribution of $150 from June to May shows your willingness to partner with the Men of Acacia to find rigor in academics, relevance in serving humanity and relationships to take through all of life. We invite you to be a part of the success at Acacia. 

Stepping Up

Going above and beyond is synonymous with Acacia. We have gone farther than ever in recent years with a full house of nearly 40 men achieving more than ever. Weve had more service projects to shape the community through time with local elementary schools, ReStore with Habitat for Humanity and many more. Weve seen higher academics with ten members reaching 4.0 GPA last semester. 

As alumni, we also need to go above and beyond in our involvement and gifts. We need to pay down a line of credit used to finish out the furnishings of the lower-level rooms, create a recreation room, update the laundry room and make improvements in the kitchen. We must continue to inspire our members and find ways to improve upon their standard of excellence. 

The Board is committed to match your gifts with relevant opportunities and ensure your priorities are reflected in your investment to Acacia. We have opportunities to expand our scholarship program, improve the living conditions and pay down our investments.