Acacia Claus Philanthropy Raises $5K Worth of Toys

Once again, the Kansas State Chapter held the annual “Acacia Claus” Toy Drive fundraiser to receive toy donations for the Salvation Army.  The event has had success in years past, but one of the goals from Br. Matthew Keener ‘15, Philanthropy Chair was to make the event bigger.

One of the ways this was done was by increasing the number of donation locations from one to three.  In addition to taking donations at the Walgreens in Manhattan. Walmart also allowed for us to take donations at their location.  Being able to set up at Walmart gathered for foot traffic for the event.

“Being able to expand to Walmart was a big part of helping increase the success of this event,” said Keener.

The event sought to get more of the fraternity and sorority communities involved. Acacia partnered with a sorority for the Acacia Claus event. Partnering with the Gamma Phi Beta was a big help.

“Working with Gamma Phi Beta helped make this years event as successful as it was,” said Br. Noah Trapp ‘14.

T-shirts for the event were given to members and were sold to other Greek houses to help further promote the event around K-State.  The Central Oklahoma Acacia Chapter even contributed by ordering twenty-five shirts.

Overall, the event was a major success.  $5,200.00 dollars worth of toy and monetary donations were raised this year for Salvation Army.

“This year was awesome, and I hope next year’s event will feed off of the success from this year,” said Keener.

Written by Br. Kaden Littrell '15