Venerably Speaking: Spring 2015

I would like to first express how excited I am for the opportunity to serve Acacia as the 2016 Venerable Dean. This position is something that really means a lot to me and I plan to bring a lot of excitement and enthusiasm to the house this next year! With that, I would like to take a minute to toot our own horn and reflect on all the great things we have done this last semester. 

We finished off 2015 with an overall house GPA of 3.25. We continue to hold scholarship to the utmost importance and our brothers take a lot of pride in their school work. Our intramural football team made it to the playoffs and many brothers did well in their own individual sports. This year’s homecoming, a Century of Coming Home, went smoothly as we were paired with Pi Beta Phi and Delta Chi. We placed well in WRL, Spirit Sign, the parade and ended up ranked fourth overall! Acacia Claus was a huge success, adding a new location and pairing with Gamma Phi Beta to raise $5,400 worth of toys in just two days! Lastly, we are proud to announce that we have 14 newly initiated brothers with us moving into 2016!

I was privileged with being able to attend the Acacia Leadership Academy this summer with brothers Noah Trapp and Ryan Haefke. We learned a ton about how we can improve our house and continue to make Acacia one of the most elite fraternities in the country. Conclave will be hosted in Louisville, Kentucky this summer and I can’t wait to represent the Kansas State chapter and meet my brothers from across the country. 

We have bright future ahead of us in 2016 and, as always, please feel free to contact me or any of our new Executive Council at any time! We really enjoy hearing from our Alumni and want to wish you the best, wherever you’re at in your Acacia Journey. Thank you for all of the support.

Written by Br. A.J. Wertzberger '15

Fierce Conversations

Reflecting on the past semester and looking ahead to the upcoming year, Acacia accelerates with more potential and connections thanks to the leadership ability of strong communication. 

The boldness of our leaders to be engaged in classes, clubs, campus and the community results from our members learning and applying key skills in taking action to courageously build teams and execute the vision of common good. 

In reading a classic booked called "Fierce Conversations," I'm reminded of how to take a solid look at engaging and taking initiative to make a positive difference. To define the key term, a fierce conversation is one in which we come out from behind ourselves into the conversation and make it real. These types of interactions provoke learning to tackle tough challenges and enrich relationships. 

The seven principles of fierce conversations include: 

1. Master the courage to interrogate reality; 

2. Come out from behind yourself into the conversation and make it real;

3. Be here, prepared to be nowhere else;

4. Tackle your toughest challenge today;

5.Obey your instincts;

6.Take responsibility for your emotional wake;

7. Let silence do the heavy lifting.

These concepts relate well to the major projects like the cross cultural outreach and diversity investments. We seek members who are ready to thrive in the changing demographics of our world and navigate the landscape of the future. It will take these principles to allow long-term success like our members who are making their communities better than ever. Join us in stepping up to have fierce conversations with your family, friends, co-workers, neighbors and others in your circles of trust.

By Br. Lucas Shivers '01

Senior Dean: Br. Nicholas Meyer '15

I am really looking forward to a chance to help grow brotherhood and friendship within the fraternity.  I also hope to continue a focus on hard work to achieve good academic standing as a chapter.  My goals for the upcoming semester are to provide a space to develop brotherhood, strengthen our academic standing, and bring about positive changes in the house.  I am looking to schedule at least 3 brotherhood events this semester that have at least 60 percent of house attendance.  I also hope to reorganize our academic resources, i.e. the textbook exchange and library resources to make access to these sources easier.  I hope that these among other changes will bring forth a positive change working to achieve our mission.

Junior Dean: Br. Tim McCormick '16

I'm very excited to be able to take up the position of Junior Dean. I am greatly looking forward to have a larger positive influence during my time with Acacia, and I believe this position is a great way for me to do just that! During my term, I want to accomplish quite a bit. I am striving to put Acacia's name out in the community in a greater way than ever before through events such as excellent social gatherings, date parties, philanthropies, and community service, to name a few. We know how great Acacia is, and I want everyone else to see how great it is too! I'm looking forward to being able to serve you all as I go about my term.

Senior Steward: Br. Dylan Fowles '16

My name is Dylan Fowles. I am a freshman in mechanical engineering from Clay Center, Kansas. I have been elected senior steward for 2016. My goals for the year. As senior steward my main goal is to keep the house clean and functional. I will post regular cleaning duties to ensure that the house stays clean and presentable. I will do my best to respond quickly and correctly to breakdowns and other problems that will occur throughout the year. A smaller goal of mine is to take care of the issue of personal food being left in the laundry room for long periods of time causing an unappealing aroma.

Treasurer: Br. Will Patterson '16

My name is Will Patterson and I am excited to serve as Treasurer at K-State Acacia for 2016. I am currently a freshman in Animal Science and Industry, Pre-Vet option. In the coming year, I will work to ensure proper record keeping, financial accountability, and increasing security. I will put an emphasis on paying bills on time and keeping members informed of the financial standing of the house. I plan on giving reports at chapter of the income and expenses for the week to allow for more transparency. I am excited to see what the next year has in store!

Secretary: Br. Kaden Littrell '15

I am excited and proud to once again be directing all information within and outside of the chapter as the Secretary of the Executive Council.  One of my major goals for my second term is to continue to improve communication between the active chapter and our alumni.  Things began headed in the right direction during last semester with the new implemented e-letters that Acacia Internationals sends out for us.  My goal for these e-letters is to have one sent out at the beginning of every other month, starting in February.  Other goals that I have include continuing to keep the chapter website up-to-date and sharing information about events through Facebook and Twitter.  I love Acacia, so the least that I can do is continue to serve as a leader in the house.

Recruitment: Br. Kyle Fleming '15

My name is Kyle Fleming and I am Junior in Business Administration. I want Acacia to focus on making recruitment a high priority. It is nice to have a full house, but we need a full house of people who will serve our brotherhood and work to improve it. One of my main goals is to "market" our fraternity. I would like to see our alumni help recruiting by showing their communities why Acacia is great, including developing great men. I want a waiting list to get into Acacia, not us having to scramble to find more members. I am interested in creating an ALS day in the Kansas City or Wichita area. also want to focus on making our recruitment events the best that they can be. This includes more time for activities and time at the house. I also would like to potentially expand into experience days in either Kansas City or Wichita.

Recruitment: Br. Shane Torrey '16

My name is Shane Torrey and I am a freshman in Finance and Pre-Law. I am excited to have the opportunity to serve the house as Recruitment Chairman for this upcoming year! The incoming fall semester will have a YMOA class smaller than last year’s, which will give us a lot of potential to be selective and bring in men that can make a positive impact on Acacia for years to come. Additionally, I hope to explore the possibility of hosting Acacia recruitment events in areas outside of Manhattan that traditionally bring in large numbers to the fraternity. Finally, as recruitment chairman it is essential that I make a concerted effort to promote diversity experiences amongst our members. Acacia should continue to expose its members to different socioeconomic, geographic, religious, and cultural backgrounds.